About Me

“It is a pleasure to be hidden, but a disaster not to be found.”-DW Winnecott

Therapy works. My practice specializes in helping others find new, more meaningful paths and practices.

For couples seeking help, I offer evidence-based models of treatment and emotionally-focused couples therapy-a 10-12 week model of treatment designed to help couples get out from under patterns which are causing frustration and pain.

As a long-time clinician working in the field of addiction medicine, I work well with adolescents and adults suffering from addition and those who love them. Addiction is treatable and recovery, like therapy, often leads individuals, couples and families toward healthier and happier lives than they may have had otherwise. This is the gratitude people speak of when in recovery and I love working with those hoping to expand their recovery work by exploring co-occurring issues in psychotherapy.

If you are new to therapy and don’t like the idea of talk therapy, you are in the right place. I work transparently and new therapy clients tend to appreciate my active, open approach to what can be a challenging task for those unfamiliar with it. We will go at your own pace and toward your own goals.

My past clients have included adolescents and adults returning from rehabs back into couple or family relationships, teenagers confused about where they are headed, couples craving more intimacy, individuals working to transcend cravings, writers, artists, those fighting to rebuild lives after crisis and anyone on a path of liberation.

At various times in my life, I have benefited from therapy and know it can be difficult to find a “good fit”. The best way to test compatibility is to meet in person, and I don’t think this is something you should have to pay for. I invite all potential new clients to call me and schedule a free 30-minute in-person consultation in my office.

This way you can get a sense of who I am, how I work, and whether or not you think you would feel comfortable working with me. Call today. 510 698-1639